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Date: June 19 - 28, 2024

Location: Alaska 

Price: $8 800 per person

Payment options below

Journey with Michelle Dunaway on this 10-day adventure to paint her home state, Alaska! Since Michelle grew up

in Alaska, she has carefully crafted this itinerary, highlighting many unique places that make Alaska a

haven for Artists and outdoor enthusiasts. We will paint the breathtaking landscape, sketch and paint local

wildlife and paint models and portraits in the landscape.

This workshop will give you a comprehensive feel for what makes Alaska so unique and the Last Great Frontier

as it is called.

We have carefully crafted this itinerary - depending on the weather, things may shift a bit, but every excursion will

be included.


  • Luxury accommodations,

  • 10-day workshop instruction &  model fees, 

  • Most Meals

  • All activities mentioned in the itinerary

  •  Private ground transportation (including to and from the airport)

Not included:

  • Flight to Anchorage

  • Beverages and alcohol

  • Some lunches


Non-painting partners and photographer friends are most welcome to join there will be plenty for you at a discounted rate


Day 1


Day 2


Day 3


Day 4
Image by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦


Day 5


 Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9




Image by Kedar Gadge
Day 10
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Please note that this itinerary is subject to minor changes to accommodate all activities and painting excursions.


Alaska Itinerary

June 19


Arrive in Anchorage and check into the beautiful Lakefront Hotel directly on Lake Hood, where local float planes take off and land throughout the day. We will meet at 7 pm on the terrace for a 3-course welcome dinner and orientation for the

workshop. Rest easy knowing that our hotel provides complimentary shuttle service to and from the

airport, ensuring your journey is seamless from arrival. If you arrive early, you may also paint or walk

around the lake, enjoying the views of the mountains and float planes (or you may do so after dinner since this is the

land of the midnight sun! ). Don't miss the chance to explore the hotel lobby, adorned with a magnificent collection of

taxidermy – a perfect setting for those looking to sketch and be inspired by the unique local flair.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience at the intersection of nature, creativity, and warm hospitality.

June 20


Following a lovely breakfast at the hotel, our first stop is the Alaska Native Heritage Center. We

can watch and participate in local native dances, tour the grounds, see homes, and learn about the Native Cultures and Customs of Alaska. Being that Alaska is so vast, there are many unique native tribes throughout the region. After the tour, we will paint a local model outdoors. After a satisfying lunch, our journey takes us North to the breathtaking Eklutna Lake.

Here, under the vast Alaskan sky, we'll paint an afternoon landscape or a model in the landscape.

As the day draws to a close, we'll return to Anchorage for a dinner experience at the renowned Moose's Tooth Pizza.

A local gem ranking among the top 3 pizzerias in the entire USA. Indulge in its unique flavours,

sourced from local farms,

June 21


After breakfast, we will take a leisurely scenic drive along one of the most beautiful routes

in Alaska called Turnagain Arm; we will stop at several scenic outlooks to take photos

and enjoy the wildlife. Dall Sheep are frequently spotted along the side of the road, as

well as moose, eagles, and even Beluga whales in the water, as this is an ocean inlet. It

is the season for babies as well!  Upon reaching the Alyeska Hotel and Resort in the heart of Girdwood, you will have the afternoon to relax, hike around the lodge, and paint on your own or spa.  Later, we will head up the tram to paint on the mountaintop.  

As the sun sets, our artistic endeavours continue at the Seven Glaciers Restaurant on top of the mountain, where we'll savour a

decadent dinner. Get ready for a day of natural wonders, creative exploration, and culinary delights, creating

memories as vibrant as the andscapes we'll paint.

June 22


After a hearty breakfast, we'll set up our easels amidst the backdrop of the hotel grounds—surrounded by mountains, wildflowers, and picturesque scenery. As the clock ticks to 4 pm, an extraordinary Alaskan adventure awaits. We will take a short helicopter ride to the mountain's peak, where snow blankets the landscape year-round. Here, we'll dive into the heart of Alaskan tradition with a thrilling Dog Sledding experience, a tradition immortalized by the legendary Iditarod race. We secured extra time to photograph the mushers and sketch the husky dogs. These moments will serve as the perfect painting references, ensuring our adventure lives on in the strokes of our brushes. Get ready to paint memories as vibrant as the Alaskan wilderness!

June 23


Start your day with the promise of adventure as we head to the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center in the Mat Su Valley after a delicious breakfast. With over two decades dedicated to preservation, conservation, and education, this nonprofit sanctuary provides an up-close and personal encounter with Alaskan Wildlife thriving in their natural habitat. We've arranged exclusive permission for our group to paint and sketch on these grounds, allowing us to spend most of the day surrounded by the beauty and tranquillity of this extraordinary sanctuary. Get ready for an artistic journey immersed in the wild wonders of Alaska!

June 24


This morning, you can paint alone, sleep in, hike around the lodge, venture up the tram to paint and sightsee or have a spa treatment.

The choice is yours to create the morning that suits your artistic and relaxation desires.


Post-lunch, we'll reconvene for a scenic journey to Portage Glacier, gliding over pristine waters on a boat ride for an up-close encounter with the majestic glacier. Following this awe-inspiring experience, we'll delve into a landscape or figure-in-the-landscape painting session on location.


As the day winds down, savour an early dinner before immersing ourselves in an evening painting session. Please take advantage of the summer light as we capture the beauty that unfolds under the Alaskan skies. Get ready for a day filled with artistic expression and the breathtaking landscapes of Girdwood.

June 25


We will drive leisurely from Alyeska to Seward, soaking in the scenic beauty along the route. Our first stop is at Tern Lake, named after the adorable Tern birds that call it home.

Quick heads up, though – the mosquitoes (Alaska's unofficial state bird) are out in force, so we'll keep our photo stop brief.


Once we roll into Seward, it's time to settle into the relaxing Seward Wind Song Lodge. The evening starts with a laid-back group dinner at the lodge, a chance to enjoy local tastes and good company.


After dinner, we'll gather for a casual group landscape painting session, capturing the beauty of our surroundings. Get ready for a relaxed evening of art, delicious food, and the friendly atmosphere of the Seward Wind Song Lodge.

June 26


Today's remarkable adventure is as we are taking the 8-hr Cruise, a journey that unveils the wonders of Northwestern Fjords. This will be a captivating day encompassing glacier sightings and whale watching. The wildlife steals the show, featuring a lively cast of Puffins, Whales, Bald Eagles, Seals, Sea otters, and more.

June adds a special touch to the spectacle as it marks calving season. We included a photo below from a previous cruise that Michelle has taken, capturing the tender moment of a mother teaching her baby to breach.

The tour also includes remote islands where the famed tufted Puffin and bald eagles nest and can be seen flying in the air. Get ready to be enchanted by the dance of whales, the majestic glaciers, and the symphony of wildlife in this Northwestern Fjords Day Tour.

June 27


Begin your day immersed in the wonders of Seward with an early morning kayak journey around Resurrection Bay. Guided by our experienced instructors, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. The easy-level kayaking promises encounters with sea otters, majestic bald eagles, and other wildlife.


Following the kayak excursion, we will have a picnic lunch amidst the coastal beauty before easing into a serene hike through the lush rainforest. Allow the tranquillity of nature to be your guide in this picturesque landscape.


We will make our way back to Anchorage, where our journey originated. Check into the Lakefront Hotel for our final evening together.


The night culminates in a heartwarming final dinner and a special group critique of the artwork crafted during our journey. Share your creations, enjoy the camaraderie, and let the echoes of this remarkable trip linger in our memories.

June 28


After a hearty breakfast and check-out, venture to the Art Museum to admire the renowned paintings by Sydney Lawrence and immerse yourself in the captivating Smithsonian Native art collection. Please note that this activity is optional and not included in the price, as some guest might need to catch their flights early.


After the museum visit, we will have lunch nearby, creating the perfect setting for shared reflections and conversations. Allow some leisure time for souvenir shopping, capturing a piece of Alaska's charm to carry home.


Depart with cherished memories and a piece of the Alaskan spirit, carrying the beauty of this adventure with you on your journey home.


Michelle Dunaway

Dunaway Bio Picture .jpeg

Michelle Dunaway is an American artist whose paintings are revered for their bold brushwork yet sensitive protrayal of emothions that capture the human experience. 

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