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The things you are passionate about 
are not random,

They are your calling!

There is no better feeling than sitting with your sketchbook on your lap, the sun warming your back as you marvel at the brand new landscape before you. 


The stimulation of a different country can bring out the best in an artist — and that's why our painting workshop vacations are so popular.

With world-famous artists as tutors, we'll paint and sketch, go sightseeing, and explore out-of-the-way places and the legendary sights of each country we visit.


We'll sample local cuisine and talk to the people we meet on our travels, so you get the real traveler's experience. We have selected the very best painting locations and artists so that we can quickly get to work in a range of memorable painting spots.

Workshop retreats are a wonderful opportunity to paint with fellow artists while spending 10 days in the idyllic South of Africa while enjoying the natural beauty and bounty of the Cape Winelands. We carefully selected beautiful Wine Estates and Private Game Reserves close to Stellenbosch for your stay. Workshops are also suitable for non-painting partners and spouses. 


Each day has a new destination to sketch and paint – allowing you to take your time discovering the area and its people. You’ll visit local markets and breathtaking private vineyards. Experiencing the Big 5 and, if you want, even on horseback. We ensure that painting locations all have access to our vehicles, materials, and cafés, so you’ll never go hungry, and nothing ever gets left behind.

If you prefer sitting at outdoor cafes, people watching and enjoying the area's charm; you’re in luck. Bring your camera to capture the inspiring surroundings and paint the sights later.

Traveling with us as your guides is always safe; we will meet you warmly at the airport. All transport to different venues is pre-booked and safe. You will never get left behind.

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All-inclusive South African Experience
  • Dinners, breakfast, ground transportation, and accommodations are included. 

  • Price is based on double occupancy. 

  • Discounts are available for spouses or partners (painting or non-painting). 

  • Airfare is not included.

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