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Jeremy Lipking


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Jeremy exhibits his work in New York and California. He has won numerous awards for his painting including the prestigious Prix de West purchase award. His work hangs in private collections throughout the world.


In a remarkably short period of time, Jeremy Lipking has emerged as one of the country's premier realist artists. His canvases convey the magical aura of convincing imagery emerging out of a field of paint.

Lipking applies paint in broad, loose facets, often leaving areas of bare canvas in between. In subsequent additions the open areas are gradually filled in, creating a breathing lattice-like structure of the paint. The magic occurs at the finish. As he progresses, he gradually refines each area, adjusting relationships of color and adding deft touches to define select elements. He brings certain forms to a razor-sharp level of finish. Other passages are left vague and underlined. In this interplay of sharp and loose, the painting literally opens up and breathes, This is what makes his art seem so lifelike. Instead of resting as static images, his canvases pulse with the subtle energy of a living thing.

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