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Day 1: Stellenbosch - 20 Aug


Upon arrival, you will personally meet the Tour Director,  resident of South Africa (Taléta).  From the airport, you will be taken to Stellenbosch to check-in at your hotel at 2 pm. In the afternoon you will join the welcome meeting at the hotel lobby with your fellow travelers,  David and your Tour Director (Taléta). You will have your course orientation around the dinner table. Greet the traditional, special and delicious South African cuisine tonight on a group dinner at a special restaurant. 

 • Hotel: Check-in 2 pm Batavia Boutique Hotel5*
 • Meals Included: Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Having a traditional dinner.


Day 2: Hermanus - 21 Aug

We will be driving a very scenic route to Hermanus stopping for lunch and a wine tasting along the way.


 • Hotel: Hermanus Boutique Guest House 4*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
 • Key Highlights:  Wine tasting 


Day 3: Hermanus - 22 Aug

 Wake up to the smell of the sea! You can go for an early morning walk this is your free time. 

The Hermanus cliff path hugs the coastline and offers a 12km path for walkers and hikers alike. Start near the new harbor and enjoy a visual journey along the beautiful rugged coastline to Grotto beach, this path offers many benches to sit and watch the whales or to enjoy ocean views.

The entire cliff path is protected within the Fernkloof Nature Reserve, proclaimed in 2000, in a bid to protect the fragile ecosystem alongside Walker Bay.

Spot the whales from the shore.  We will be going on a boat trip to watch the whales from close,

 • Hotel:  Hermanus Boutique Guest House 4*
 • Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Whale watching (
Usually 2 hours, sometimes longer, depending on the whales from 9am) Visit the Old 

   Harbour and Museum

Day 4: Hermanus - 23 Aug


Today you will go on a wine tour.

 • Hotel: Hermanus Boutique Guest House 4*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Wine Tastings

Day 5: Blaauwklippen - 24 Aug

Traveling back to Stellenbosch and driving one of the most scenic routes of our coastline.  Having a special lunch along the way. In the afternoon David will demonstrate a quick Alla Prima portrait painting

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 • Key Highlights: * Alla Prima Portrait Demo

Day 6: Blaauklippen - 25 Aug

Workshops:  Day 1 — Underdrawing. 

 David teaches methods and thought processes of how to construct the underlying drawing of your subject on your painting support (your canvas or panel).

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Workshop with chocolate wine tasting in the late afternoon.


Day 7: Blaauwklippen - 26 Aug

Workshop: Day 2 -- Color Study and Underpainting.

We will discuss some basic color theory and mixing. We will create a color poster study to help us work out our major color concerns before launching into our portrait. We will also apply a thin layer of oil color onto the drawing in preparation for day three.

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

 • Key Highlights: Workshop.  Relaxed afternoon in Blaauwklippen Garden



Day 8: Blaauwklippen - 27 Aug

Workshop: Day 3 — Overpainting

This is the real business of painting where I show you how to paint your subject region by region; bringing each area to a finish before moving on. Among other things, we will discuss paint handling, basic color mixing and turning form.

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Dinner at Restaurant in Stellenbosch


Day 9: Blaauwklippen - 28 Aug


Workshop:  Day 4 — Glazing and Continuing the Overpainting.

On this day I will show you how to glaze and make minor adjustments as necessary. We will also continue to work on the overpainting.

In addition, students are encouraged to ask any other questions applicable to the art-making process. In past workshops, we have discussed other items such as composition, how to take good photo reference material, the importance of drawing/painting from life, personal art making philosophy, and many other related topics.

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
 • Key Highlights: Dinner



Day 10: Stellenbosch - 29 Aug


Our wonderful adventure comes to an end after breakfast. Make sure to bid farewell to newfound friends and exchange numbers before checking-out of the hotel (at 11:00). Complimentary airport transfers are available, have a safe and smooth journey!

 • Hotel: Blaauwklippen 5*
 • Meals Included: Breakfast




As the organizer of the workshop and an enthusiastic working artist who loves living in South Africa, I look forward to introducing you to my beautiful country.  I am constantly inspired by and guiding you on adventures that will bring you inspiration for years to come! ~ Taleta 


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